A long strange road brought Naomi to Whitehorse, and now all she wants to do is watch otters and push classic blues on unsuspecting strangers.  You might not see her body mods at first glance, but rest assured, she’s probably more hardcore than you.

This is Adrianna.  She is the tough one in our gang.  Her soft side is exposed in her baking and loving photography (capturing images of the North).  She basically knows about everything at Triple J’s…and the rest of us are support staff.  Don’t offer her cookies, she typically has already had her granola fix for the day and doesn’t need the extra hassle – so beat it!!









JEN DENSMORE, Certified Piercer:  Born awesome in Whitehorse, Yukon circa 1977, stay awesome!  Hee.  I was interested in body piercing from a very young age. Unfortunately, I had my share of horrifying experiences which involved piercing guns, inexperienced piercers, and home piercings! Eventually, I found a proper avenue for my interests and began my apprenticeship in Vancouver with Fogg at Next Body Piercing and Tattoo. I became a certified body piercer in January 2000 and the rest, as they say, is history.


Shannon Nalder

Lea-Ann McNally Our Social Media Manager, Web Designer & Digital Content Creator!

An emerging artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Inter media-Cyber Arts. She is always seeking new fun and innovative ways of creating content through video, stop motion, photography & time lapse.


JORDI AND JEREMY JONES, Owners and Founders of Triple J’s: Parents to Blue Peekaboo, they enjoy Deep Creek bliss, living out at Lake Laberge with their 8 animals and amazing daughter. Jordi is the Managing Owner, while also balancing her philanthropic work as Founding President of Kona’s Coalition – an NPO dedicated to improving animal welfare in the Yukon. Jeremy moonlights as the Occupational Health and Safety Specialist for Kwanlin Dun First Nation. Together, they have created a hub for music and culture in Whitehorse. They look forward to a long, prosperous future rockin’ “all things cool” at Triple J’s. They couldn’t do it without the support of their the best customers on the planet – our locals – and the kickass Triple J’s Collective.