Tattoo Artists


  • Glen Decker

    Glen Decker hails from the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. He is absolutely BRILLIANT, and we are humbled to host him as a regular guest artist at Triple J’s. He enjoys tattooing colour and black/grey custom portraits, family portraits, music and film portraits, pet portraits, wildlife, and flowers. We encourage you to visit: Portfolio
  • Saga Anderson

    On skin I currently specialize in and generally limit my projects to large scale color realism and portraits, with unique and often abstract, geometrical, trash polka, or painterly influenced background compositions. I currently tattoo out of Human Kanvas Calgary, but tour often across Canada and internationally. Keep an eye out for tour updates on this page or message me for more info. Bookings closed until Sept. 2015. On paper I focus on prismacolor marker color realism, working mostly in photoreal portraiture. I'm currently taking commissions for 2015, please feel free to contact me regarding purchase of originals or commissions. PortfolioPortfolio
  • Steve Dunford

    Guest tattoo artist from Vancouver, BC/Barrie, Ontario specializing in photorealism and portrait work. “Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with the family and staff of Triple J’s several times, and will continue to come up as a guest artist in the future. Can’t wait to see what the future holds folks!” PortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolioPortfolio