About Triple J’s

Established in 2004, Triple J’s is Yukon’s only truly independent music store with a huge selection of CDS, VINYL, ART, CLOTHING, MERCHANDISE, TOBACCO PARAPHERNALIA – plus we have the oldest and most-trusted TATTOO and PIERCING studio in the Yukon.  We have an incredible special order system – if it exists for sale in this world, no matter how rare or obscure, we can find it for you!!  Most special orders take approximately 10-14 business days.


As a working artist, I've always appreciated Jordi's enthusiasm & professionalism, when working with her on exhibitions . Gallery22 is one of the best spaces in Whitehorse for established & emerging artists to show new work. Triple J's is an asset to this community in so many ways. Proud to be a part

Colin Alexander (Renowned Yukon Artist)

I have been a customer of Triple J's for years. My favorite thing about Triple J's is how welcoming the store and its staff are. They usually have what I am looking for and if not, they don't hesitate to bring it in for me. I will continue to be a customer for years to come. Happy 10th Anniversary.

Daniel Vigneau, Drummer, The Mourning After

I believe that you [Triple J’s] have raised the bar in recognizing emerging artists in the community. You have empowered me by being a support of Claire's Karma Clothing through displaying my work in all your locations and viewing me as an integral part of alternative and recycled art. Your bold and provocative ideas in art have included me in numerous art exhibits in your gallery and you have made youth and other person's sometimes limited in their means be apart of culture. Your strength as an individual, your family values and commitment to animals has been as inspiration. You ROCK! By the way, I love you too.

Claire Strauss, Artist Extraordinaire

Jordi puts her money where her mouth is. We're proud to support the hard work she's doing for music community in the Yukon, and for the animals.

Dallas, SLATES

Triple J’s is an excellent example of a community-oriented business run by a socially conscious young entrepreneur with a DYI, make-it-happen attitude! Triple J’s is more than a store where you can get cool products and services. Over the years, so many opportunities have been created for local musicians and artists to share their work. In particular Jordi has created venues for under-represented genres and youth bands to show what they’ve got and gain experience. And to top it all off, over $125,000 has been raised for animals in need. So inspiring! THANK YOU for your dedication to community! Sincerely,

Nicole Edwards (Renowned Yukon musician)

The staff at Triple J's can help you find that band you've been looking for. Whether it's your favorite album from high school or something new that you've have yet to discover, they'll cover all the bases. Amazing!

Kate White, MLA for Kopper King


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Drop by the shop or give us a call and set up a consultation today!

Shop Hours:  Open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!  Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm, Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday 12 pm to 4 pm.

Address: 308 Elliott St, Whitehorse

Phone: (867) 456-7555

Fax: (867) 456-7558

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Sunstroke Music Festival is hosting its 9th Annual presentation on Friday, June 20 and Saturday, June 21, 2014 at Shipyards Park. Sunstroke is the premiere Summer Music Festival in Whitehorse – held along the banks of the Yukon River under the midnight sun! Over the years, it has grown immensely! In 2011, we had 1300 submissions from performers in 25 different countries apply to perform. We have been blown away by the far-reaching effects of Sunstroke! Working in tandem with our business community and our incredible Yukon audiences. We have raised over $80,000 in 8 years for abused and abandoned animals in need.

The primary mandate of Sunstroke (outside  of rockin’ your socks off) is to raise money for animal welfare and education.

We party LIKE animals FOR the animals! Another exciting component of Sunstroke which sets it apart from other Yukon music festivals is that it boasts a wide variety of musical genres: everything from blues to jazz to ska to metal to punk to celtic to rock and beyond. A musical smorgasbord if you will – there’s something for ALL ages and ALL musical tastes! Last year, we introduced a second smaller stage for afternoon performances, which focused on solo, acoustic and youth performances. There were 30 acts in two days over two stages, with 1700 people in attendance! Kids 12 and under are always FREE!



Piercing – How Much Does It Cost?

Service / Cost
Lobe / $20
Trans-Lobe / $35
Helix / $30
Industrial / $50
Tragus/Anti-Tragus / $40
Rook/Conch/Snug / $35
Daith / $40
Orbital / $50
Eyebrow/Trans-Brow / $40
Nostril / $40
Septum / $50
Lip/Trans-Lip / $40
Labret / $40
Marilyn/Monroe/Medusa / $40
Frownie/Web/Glicker / $45
Tongue / $40
Navel / $40
Nipple / $40
Jewellery Changing / $15
Stretching / $15
Surface / $75min
Genital / $125min
Dermal Anchoring / $75min
Save $10.00 Off – Lobe, Lip, and Nipple When you get them done at the same time.
This offer is only for people getting two piercings as specified in the same sitting.

To make a piercing appointment, please come to Triple J’s Music in person, provide a $20 deposit and we will confirm your appointment. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 24-hours notice, or do not attend your appointment, the $20 deposit is non-refundable. We will be happy to re-book your appointment, however, a second $20 deposit will be required. You must be 16 years of age or older to sit for a piercing or we require parental consent (with the parent or guardian coming into the shop to sign).

We are fully insured and health board approved. Newly renovated studio! Best Prices in town! Free smiles with every piercing! Call 456-7555 for more information.

Tattoos – What should I bring?

We suggest bringing water, juice or pop and something to eat with sugar in it.  A person can get light-headed when having a tattoo done.  Sugar helps!

Tattoos – How much do they cost?

RATES: We charge by the piece, not by the duration of the tattoo – and this quote will be given directly by the artist.  Guesstimates may be given by the staff, however, the artist is responsible for determining actual cost.

DEPOSIT: Triple J’s Music charges a non-refundable deposit when the appointment is made.  For a 1-hour appointment, a minimum $50 cash deposit.  For a 2-hour appointment, minimum $100 cash deposit.  For appointments 3 hours or longer, a minimum deposit of $200 must be provided.  Credit cards can be used to hold appointments for out-of-town clients.  Guest tattoo artists require minimum deposits of $100.